Blame it on hormones, health problems or even your mother’s genetics, but while you’re busy pointing fingers, everyone else is likely noticing your facial hair. For women, facial hair can be an embarrassing nuisance causing them great amounts of social discomfort, not to mention the blow to their self esteem. Luckily, there are solutions to ridding yourself of unwanted facial hair; all you have to decide on is whether you want a simple but temporary solution or a permanent but slightly costly one. To help you sort through your options, we’ve provided a list of the best solutions, as well as their average costs.

Bleaching ($10-15)… If you’re lucky enough to have very light facial hair, then bleaching may be your best option. This solution can be bought at your local grocery store or drug store, can be done in the privacy of your own home and is typically easy to do and painless. The downside of bleaching is that it can temporarily lighten skin (especially darker skin), so do a patch test on an area other than your face to be safe.

Waxing ($8-60)… Waxing is another popular method for reducing facial hair and is one that will usually leave you hair free for roughly 2-3 weeks. This process actually removes (or let’s be honest RIPS) the hair right from the root. If you’re used to waxing and have had success with it in the past, then wax on sister! However, if you’re a waxing newbie, you may want to run a test patch first. Even if you opt for a salon visit versus a do it yourself kit, many people have adverse reactions to waxing like rashes, redness and ingrown hairs. So before you take that precious mug of yours and put it through waxing hell, make sure your skin can handle it.

Depilatory creams ($4-25)… C’mon, we all have the little Nair jingle in our heads so let’s sing it together, “We wear short shorts… if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts!” Okay, glad that’s over! Now, if you have ever used a cream like Nair to remove hair on your legs or bikini line, depilatory creams for facial hair are pretty much the same thing. For some people they work wonders, giving them weeks of a hair free face. However, they do have their downfalls. Depilatory creams are smelly, messy, hard to use and often only remove about 80-90% of the hair on the first use. Like all the other solutions, do a patch test with depilatory creams before using them on your face. Much like bleaching, they have been known to cause temporary lightening of the skin.

Medication ($30-60)… If over the counter remedies aren’t quite doing the trick, your doctor may be able to prescribe you Vaniga. Vaniga is a topical medication applied to the face twice a day. The medication works by inhibiting the enzyme in the hair follicle of the skin that stimulates hair growth.  While about 58% of users have had amazing results with this medicine, the results only last as long as you take it; meaning, the hair will grow back within weeks of stopping the medication.

Electrolysis & Laser Options ($150-500)… If there were a permanent solution, electrolysis or laser treatments would be it. While both treatments have been known to be painful (or at the very least, irritating), laser is likely the best option for long term success. Electrolysis usually costs about $50/session but requires 3-4 session per area to completely kill the follicle. Laser on the other hand averages around $450-500 per area, but you can knock it out in one shot. While no one is 100% guaranteed that either treatment will keep hair away for life, electrolysis and laser hair removal are your best chance at permanent smoothness.

So do some trial and error and find your best solution. While no one is perfect , we can all agree that the bearded lady look is best kept at the circus!