Are you thinking about quitting?  About throwing in the towel on your fitness goals and learning to live with the body and health you have instead of the one you actually want?  If you’re even considering giving up, I have a few ideas that I think will change your mind and help you to refocus.

  1. Restarting– Sometimes when we’ve strayed so far from what we set out to do, we can’t even begin to think about all the steps it would take to get us back on track again.  But the first step is the most critical one and it doesn’t come from doing, it comes from deciding.  When you began this journey, it was after you made the decision to stop life as you knew it and start life as you wanted it to be. You can regenerate that feeling over and over again during the course of your journey. I decide everyday that I want to be healthy.  I decide everyday that I want to be a role model to my kids.  I decide everyday that while I can make poor food decisions, have weak moments, crazy cravings, and face inevitable setbacks from time to time, I will always dust myself off and rejoin the race.  I made that decision a long time ago and so did you.  No matter what challenges you’re facing, the decision to begin this journey in the first place was the toughest thing you will do.  And guess what, you’ve already done it!
  2. Remembering- When we feel like giving up, it is then more than ever, that we need to remember why we started.  Why did you decide it was time to make a change?  What was it that pushed you enough to finally take action?  What if you took that reason, that feeling, the person who said that hurtful thing to or about you, and turned it into the greatest motivator of your life!  Let’s be honest, you will probably dwell on it anyway so why not use that energy to keep you going?  At the end of the day, that reason can either be the thing that bothers you long after you’ve quit or the thing that helped you turn it all around.  It’s in this moment that that choice is made.
  3. Revamping- Sometimes you just gotta try something new.  Do you watch TV or listen to music when you workout?  Do you do it at home or in a gym?  Do you go solo or have a workout buddy or group?  Whatever you’re doing, if you’re thinking about quitting….then it’s not working.  There’s nothing wrong with trying all sorts of things while you’re on this road to your goals.  Don’t be closed off or afraid to try something new.  Personally, I like to have music and nothing else when I work out.  I want to be fully immersed in the process.  This is when I am really able to hear myself think, when I turn over all of the things that have motivated me to get off the couch and get in the gym.  I’ve tried group classes and workout buddies and while I enjoy both from time to time, nothing and no one pushes me harder than I push myself.  Is your method pushing you or holding you back?  You might be surprised at how a change of pace can re-motivate you.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re exactly where you wanted to be when you began?  If the answer is no than you MUST keep going!  I will not accept anything less than what I set out to achieve and neither should you. We knew it was gonna be tough when we started, but we started anyway. Why? We started because what we want to change means more than any slump we might find ourselves in today.  It’s time to shake it off and get back to work. Let’s do this together!

Photo Credit: randii2015 via Compfight cc