My husband and I are planning a ski vacation to Keystone, Colorado during spring break of 2013. This is a big step for us since it will mark ten years since we have gone skiing.  Before we had children, we would fly out to Colorado to ski Keystone, Copper, Vail and Winter Park. We love the ski culture- the fires, the scarves, hats and the warm drinks in the lodge. We have so many fond memories of skiing and always daydreamed about taking our children to see the beauty of the mountains, smell that mountain air, and ski down a gorgeous and tranquil hill.

Ten years ago this coming April, my husband and I took a trip to Keystone to ski.  It was my “get out of depression” trip of my choice. I had just been told by my Reproductive Endocrinologist that I had a 2% chance of ever getting pregnant. We had been trying to conceive for five years, did a few rounds of Clomid, several inseminations and two fibroid removal surgeries. Before that news, I was hopeful I would get pregnant and fulfill my dream of being a mommy. This news from the doctor was a big blow.  I was in such a slump and so sad that it seemed like it was the point of no return. My husband asked me if I could go anywhere (within reason) where would I want to go. Of course I said I wanted to go to Colorado. We spent several days at Soda Springs at Keystone Mountain and really enjoyed skiing and just breathing in and seeing god’s beauty. Little did we know we conceived my son, Aidan on that trip.

Now, almost ten years later we are finally going back to our beloved Keystone to share our love of the mountains with our three children. I have not put on a pair of ski boots since that wonderful vacation in 2003. I bet I will be very wobbly and fearful of falling. We are hoping our children will fall in love with skiing and the culture of being at a ski resort.  We know they will be in awe of the beauty including the night sky full of stars. I’ve never seen a more beautiful starry sky then I have seen in Colorado.  Our first born child is excited about learning to ski and experiencing all we will on the trip.  Maybe in his heart he knows this is where he came to be. He was our little Colorado miracle. My other two children are not as excited. One thinks the lessons will be too long and the other will most likely not even put on a pair of ski boots. Regardless, I am hopeful they will give it a try and enjoy this adventure. It can either be a dream vacation or a nightmare. Only time will tell.