Cut out dresses, halter tops and open backs are hitting the stores. Don’t miss out on this sexy trend because you’re nervous over back or bra fat. Get that slender back and lean shoulders with our favorite back exercises. A bonus about working out your back is that it will tighten your core and help support your total workout. Here are 5 moves to get your sexy back:

1. Reverse Hypertension Leg Lift: Place your stomach on your stability ball and walk your hands out. The ball should be somewhere between your belly button and pelvis. Balance on your hands keeping them directly under your shoulders. Lift your legs simultaneously. Really focus on squeezing that lower back and booty. 


2. Back Extension Over a Stability Ball: Start by sitting up on your knees, with the stability ball in front of you. Now lean onto the ball so that your stomach is on top. Your upper torso and chest should overhang just a little. Right now your face should be parallel with the floor, your back should be flat and your hands should be tucked behind your head. Lift your chest up as a unit with your head. Try not to completely arch or crane your neck. Lift up until your head is facing the wall ahead. Slowly and with control, lower your upper body back to the starting position. 



3. Opposite Arm and Leg RaiseGet into table top position (hands and knees on floor) and be sure your back is flat. Focus on finding your center and practice some breaths, bringing your belly button to your back. Now raise your arm and opposite leg at the same time. Focus on reaching your arm forward and your leg backward. It should feel like strings are stretching you in opposite directions. Hold for 45 seconds on each side. For an added challenge add movement, bringing your arms and legs outward and back in to the start position. 


4. Superman on a Bosu Ball: Place the Bosu ball down so that the blue or rubber half is facing upward. Position yourself on the top center of the ball with your legs and arms equally as far off the ball. Get in your superman position by raising both your legs and arms up. Don’t strain your neck. Keep your body in a straight line and your eyes comfortably looking down. Work on your balance by adding a swimming motion–extending opposite arms and legs. (via Skinny Mom)


5. Good Mornings with Free Weights: Grab a pair of light weights between 3-5 lbs. Lift the weights above your head to the point at which your shoulders and arms are creating a 90 degree angle. Keep your legs locked with your weight in your heels. Bend at your waist, keeping those weights up at your ears and your back parallel. Lower your upper body to at least a 90 degree angle. (via Weight Training)
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