Okay ladies if you haven’t noticed, winter is on its way into hiding and spring and summer are right around the corner. This may mean warm nights and picnics with friends, but it also means that it’s time for shorts and sundress. While it is our belief here at Skinnymom that every woman embrace what God gave her, I’m pretty certain that even God himself recognizes the power of a good self tanner. Most women avoid the sun due to fear of aging or skin damage, but sunless tanners can give you that gorgeous, healthy glow without all of the negative repercussions. Since every woman likes to have a selection from which to make the choice that’s best for her, we decided to compile a list of the season’s best self tanners; choose, apply, and get glowing!


L’Oreal Sublime Glow($10.99)Unlike L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze, Sublime Glow is more of a gradual self tanner. It’s available in lotion or spray form, and offers two color choices; fair and medium. This is a top pick for our fair mamas out there. Users said that the lotion was one of the few that didn’t turn their fair skin orange and it has a nice shimmery glow about it; look out Jlo! 


Jergens Natural Glow ($10.00) – This one is what we call, a lot of bang for your buck. Much like the L’Oreal Sublime Glow, this one is a favorite of the fair skinned as well; however, the options offered are far more. This self tanner comes in lotion and mouse formula and is offered in shades for fair and medium skin tones. There is also a separate face tanning lotion that can be purchased and the body lotion comes in two formulas; Revitalizing (for color that lasts twice as long) and Firming (containing ingredients to help combat cellulite in 7 days).

loreal self tanning mist

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Mist ($10.79) – If you just dread the thought of coating on a heavy tanning cream or prefer to have a helping hand when it comes to getting color to your backside, then this mist is the one. Users love this spray for its 360 degree coverage, ease of use and staying power.

bare escentuals faux tan body

Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Body Tanner ($26.00) – If you’re looking for some big time color than this tanner is your dream come true!! It applies smoothly, containing a color guard so you can see where you’re putting it. You can apply right after a shower and leave on all day. The color is much more of a brown color versus the orangey tones that most self tanners have and the smell has a hint of Amaretto. Best pick if you have medium toned skin and are hoping to kick it up a notch!


Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer ($32) – Okay, so it’ not exactly a self tanner but it does offer the same effect. For those who love looking bronzed but only for special occasions, this is your go-to item. The makeup is quick drying, moisturizing and gives a luminous glow; perfect for a last minute date night.


St Tropez Bronzing Mousse ($42) – Users have rated this self tanner with 5 stars based on the scent and staying power. Use this one at night before bed, rinse in the morning and never forget to wear gloves; a glowing set of legs says sexy but pumpkin stained palms screams scary!

clarins delicious cream

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream ($42.50) – Packed with Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera, this delectable self tanner not only leaves your skin glowing, it will leave it smooth and silky as well. Users rated the scent on this one top notch as well claiming seemed more like an expensive lotion than a self tanner.


Versa Spa ($20.00-40.00/tan) – If you would consider yourself to be a woman to hates  to see even the slightest shade of white popping through her skin, then spray tanning is likely your best option. Tanning salons like Palm Beach Tan have the Versa Spa booths installed and you can be in, out and glowing in just a few minutes. There is a selection of levels (1 being just a slight glow, 2 a medium color and 3 a dark tan). You can also choose from the clear level, which just seals in the color or the bronze level, which gives you a hint of color as soon as you’re done versus waiting a few hours for it to develop. The absolute best part about Versa Spa spray tan tans is… no streaking!! That’s right. As long as you apply the color blocking lotion (as you will be instructed to on your first visit), no streaks on hands, feet, ankles or anywhere!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Grab a self tanner today and get glowing; your shorts will thank you for it later.