Two months into your weight loss regime and you’re still not losing weight? You’re working out and eating healthy, so what gives? Have you thought about portion size? A lot of times we forget about that little bugger. Portion control and weight loss go hand in hand. Sure, eating that salad is awesome, but the half cup of ranch dressing and bacon bits is probably a factor in why you aren’t losing weight.┬áPortion control teaches you the importance of moderation in your diet. Eating in moderation will prevent consuming too much of one food or too little of another. Start looking at labels and serving sizes. Also, check your local kitchen stores and purchase an inexpensive scale. This will be huge in learning correct portion sizes. According to Fit Day here are four helpful benefits of proper portion control:

1. Ensures that you are eating the proper amount and your body is fully nourished.
2. Conditions your body to become full after consuming a smaller quantity of food.
3. Many people feel generally better and have more energy when they have eaten more moderate portions than when they ate overly large portions.
4. Monitoring portions appropriately can improve your digestion and regularity as well.

Have you changed your eating habits by monitoring your portion sizes? Do you weigh your food? Do you follow the portion size hand tricks? Have you lost weight? We’d love to hear from you!