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For almost 100 years, an army of resolution-breakers, in the form of school-aged girls, has taken over this time of year with their arsenal of sweet treats and sweet smiles, tempting us to once again give in and stuff our pantries with every box of Girl Scout Cookies we can get our hands on! Resisting their charm is useless, so just give in and enjoy building into the spirit of these pint-sized business women (then maybe hit the gym a little harder after they have done their damage)! Here are some fun Girl Scout Cookie facts and a couple recipes, to help get you through this indulgent, if not trying, time of year! (photo credit)

Shortbread girl scout cookies

Fresh Out of the Oven: The first Girl Scout Cookies were made in the kitchens of Girl Scouts’ mom around the county! The simple sugar cookie recipe was sent out to the council’s 2,000 troops. Each cookie was wrapped in wax paper and sealed with a sticker. The cookies were sold for 25-30 cents per dozen. It wasn’t until 1936 that the council licensed bakers to make Girl Scout Cookies! Click here to give the original recipe a try in your own kitchen! (photo credit)

1943 girl scout calendar

Calendars over Cookies?! During World War II, Girl Scouts sold calendars in addition to cookies due to shortages in flour, sugar, and butter. (photo credit)

stacked boxes of thin mints

You aren’t alone! Feel like you’re the only one who can’t control themselves around these little delish delights? Think again. Every year, Girl Scouts sell almost 200 million packages of their oh so tempting cookies! (photo credit)

girl scout cookies

A Skinny Silver Lining: When you’ve just finished tearing through a box of your favorite variety, at least know this… all of their cookies are cholesterol-free and have zero trans-fat. The Thin Mints, Thanks-A-Lot, Lemonades and Peanut Butter Patties are all vegan as well! (photo credit)

dosidos peanut butter sandwich

Name Game: Samoas v. Caramel deLites? Peanut Butter Patties v. Tagalongs? Trefoils v. Shortbread? Do-si-dos v. Peanut Butter Sandwiches? They are the same cookies! These days two bakers, ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, produce all Girl Scout Cookies. Where the two bakeries might differ on names, and they may look at little different, the cookies have the same great flavor! (photo credit)

skinny thin mints

Thin Thin Mints? The time will come… you will empty your last box of Girl Scout Cookies. Don’t struggle with conflicting feelings of guilt and anticipation for next year… make these skinny Thin Mints instead and wean yourself off your annual cookie fix! (via Your Lighter Side)


Still not satisfied? Try these “Clean Eating” Samoas! (via Clean Green Simple)