When it comes to health and fitness, there are hundreds of thousands of apps you can download, but what are the superior apps? After researching and trying at least 50 apps, these are the best I have found for my iPhone:

1. NIKE Training Club: Download this app and you have downloaded your own personal trainer! Nike has developed this awesome app that gives you hundreds of different workouts at every level. Each move has a step-by-step video that you can do at home or at the gym! Even the timer is included, which so many online videos are missing!
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2. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker: If you’re looking for a food planner, this is the app for you! Counting calories and tracking food can help you lose weight. This app allows you to keep a running list of your caloric intake and your daily exercise. You will see how many calories you have left or have earned back after a workout!
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3. Fitocracy: “Fitocracy” is all about motivating you to reach your fitness goals. This app also connects you to all the fitness experts and advice you’ll ever need. Whether you’re a beginner or want to get back in the game, this is a must download!
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4. MapMyFitness: Sometimes when I go for a run I wonder just exactly how many miles I’ve gone and how many calories I’ve burned. “MapMyFitness” is a great app to keep track of all of those things in one place!
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5. Lose It: Set up your personal weight loss plan and get to work! With “Lose It” you will have a hand held, ready to go plan. This app has a wide range of capabilities, such as keeping track of calories, workouts, restaurants, and connecting with friends!
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Let us know how these apps work for you! Do you have a favorite we don’t have on the list?  Let us know!