Now that the weather is chilly, maybe 5Ks aren’t the first idea most people have for family get togethers, but this is exactly what my family and I are doing this month! I have mentioned continually that I am trying to get healthier and more fit and this is one way I thought would be fun to do it. After participating in my first 5K around Halloween, this seemed like a fantastic way to not only continue down that healthy path, but to also spend time with my family, and for them to get a little exercise in too!

I suppose everyone does not have to go all out like my girls and I do, but come on! It’s the holiday season and how cute are little elves going to be on this long path? But maybe a 5K is too intimidating for beginner exercisers, so some other ideas to get a good holiday workout in could be shopping! Yup, you read that right. Shopping can be a really great form of exercise because it can involve a lot of walking, especially in a mall setting. If you aren’t shopping, maybe you can simply help your pooch stay in shape too by taking him for a walk. In short, start walking somewhere — anywhere — and help cut down on those holiday calories that are so difficult to resist. You may just see my family and I while you are out and about; we’ll be the ones dressed as elves!