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Get More Sleep

Forget counting sheep, drinking warm milk, or a hot bath to get you to sleep. According to researchers at Northwestern University, moderate exercise at least three hours before bedtime can help you sleep better and feel more rested. In 2010 they asked a group of insomniacs to log four weekly 30-minute cardio workouts. When compared to the control group who only received tips on improving their sleep, the exercisers were getting up to 90 minutes more shut-eye than the sedentary folks and they reported feeling happier and healthier after only four months.


According to the study author, working out can reset your circadian rhythms, which helps you sleep better. Here are 3 activities that Skinny Mom Founder/CEO, Brooke Griffin, suggests to help you get better sleep:

Brisk Walk: Head outdoors or jump on your treadmill for a quick, 20-minute walk. Take your spouse or even one of your kids with you. It will benefit you all!

Bike Ride: If you’ve got a bike then get out there and use it! No need to push yourself too hard – just enjoy the ride.

Yoga: You can do this at home or at a studio, but just the act of stretching and breathing will help you sleep more soundly.