The benefits of clean eating have been a trending topic for years now. From weight loss to health improvements, we all know that getting rid of the bad stuff (preservatives and fatty, sugary foods), and replacing them with natural foods is a much better option, but where’s a girl to start? Whole Living has the lowdown on which items to keep and which items you should be kicking to the trash day curb!

berries clean eating

Stocking the cupboards with the right ingredients means you’re always prepared to transform chicken, fish, tofu, or beef into a healthy dinner. We asked four renowned chefs — Jody Adams, Mary Nearn, Michel Nischan, and Nora Pouillon — plus famed nutritionist Marion Nestle, Ph.D., M.P.H., to tell us what they keep on hand in their kitchens. In addition to wholesome staples such as walnuts, blueberries, and frozen spinach, they also stock seasonings — citrus, mustards, and organic oils — to pack in flavor without too much fat.  Our experts’ favorite ingredients will ensure that you never have to sacrifice nutrition or convenience. Once you’ve made it through their list of suggestions, take this printable checklist to the grocery store — and get shopping!

High in iron, vitamin A, and soluble fiber, leafy green vegetables never fail to increase the nutritional quotient of a meal. Although they’re not technically a pantry staple (as they need to be fresh and refrigerated), our experts recommend always picking up whatever greens are in season from your local farmer’s market. Saute autumn greens like kale with garlic and pine nuts or mix together summer’s lettuces (mizuna, arugula) for a flavorful salad.

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