Looking clean and pulled together at the gym is more than just vanity and an attempt to be noticed. In fact, if that’s your goal, your workout will suffer. The only one you should be thinking about in the gym is YOU. However, when you feel that you look good, and your confidence is at a high, you will, undoubtedly, perform better. Why do you think that the gym is covered in mirrors? There is great benefit to watching the way you are performing a lift, your posture, your muscle movement, and when you can’t bear to look up because you are not happy with your appearance, your workout will suffer.


Try this pre-workout beauty and hygiene regimen that takes 10 minutes flat to get you freshened up and ready to sweat:

  • Wash your face: This will keep breakouts at bay. Sweating on top of a dirty face is more likely to clog your pores. Try Puff’s Fresh Faces face wipes! 
  • Brush out your hair: No blow dryer or curling iron needed. Just let your hair tell you what it wants, either a bun, a ponytail, or a braid. Always clip or pin back any loose pieces of hair to keep it off you face. One of our favorite headbands to use while working out is Owl Be Sweatin’. Not only are they adorable, but they stay in place!
  • Brush your teeth. Nothing is worse than sucking wind through a dirty mouth OR jogging on the treadmill next to someone who is sucking wind through a dirty mouth.
  • Apply deodorant– Really? Do we have to elaborate?
  • Apply concealer, powder and lip balm– These really just make you feel better and if you have to run an errand before or after, you’ll look more pulled together.

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