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Football season is well under way, and the urge to park it in front of the TV with a bowl of chips and cheese dip is getting hard to ignore. Visa wants to spend the season inspiring fans to get up from the couch and start thinking about their wildest football fantasies! This season, through the #MyFootballFantasy contest, Visa will be turning football fantasies into reality! Want to play toss with Drew Brees? Visa wants to make it happen. So, it’s time to start thinking and head over to VISA.com/MyFootballFantasy or follow Visa on Twitter or Instagram and let them know your fantasy at #MyFootballFantasy!

Need to get your creative juices flowing? Here’s a quick football-inspired workout to help you tackle those extra calories and get you thinking about your ultimate football fantasy:

Football players use short, high-powered bursts to increase their speed and agility. They need a crazy amount of core body strength and work large muscle groups at once to give them the brick-wall-like build that makes them capable of taking hard hits. This workout may be different than what you’re used to, which is what I think is so great about it.

Warm-up: Sprints

Find an open space of 20-40 yards. Sprint the length and walk back. Repeat 5-10x.


Strength Training: Squats, Lunges + Sit-ups

Squat 15-20x. Do 15 lunges in one direction. Squat 15-20x. Do 15 lunges back to where you started. Repeat.

1-minute break

Do as many sit-ups as you can in one minute. Take a short 15-30 second break. Repeat.

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Plyometrics: Squat Twists & Shuffling

Squat Twists: Stand with knees slightly bent and farther apart than your shoulders. Jump and turn 180 degrees until you are facing the opposite direction. Squat between twists to intensify. Repeat 25-50x with a short break if needed.


Shuffling: Start in a squatting position with one hand on the ground in front of you. Shuffle to the left 10-20 yards and touch the ground. Shuffle back to the right and touch the ground. Repeat 10x.


Cool down with a drink of water and a brisk 5-minute walk. As always, make sure you thoroughly stretch before and after working out. Down… Set… Hike!

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I am posting on behalf of the Visa #MyFootballFantasy Campaign. Compensation was received for this post, however opinions expressed here are my own.