August is romance awareness month and let’s face it; we could all use a little extra sizzle in our love life. While fancy dinners and flowers certainly have their place in the world of romance, why not spice things up with a little fun this weekend? Try these game night ideas for an evening full of laughs (and hopefully) full of romance!


Bowling… Sure the sport comes with ugly shoes and funky lighting, but it also comes with close quarters and cheap beer. Being romantic doesn’t always mean you have to be proper and uptight. Throw on some jeans and your favorite tank and show him how sexy it can be to have his ass kicked at bowling. Want to up the ante? Make some sexy wagers like the loser owes the winner a full body massage.

Shoot some pool… Much like bowling, billiards is a fairly cheap alternative to the typical date night but is one that again, gives you some one on one quality action. Not sure how to play pool? Use that angle and enjoy watching him wrap around your body to show you how to make the perfect corner pocket shot.

Cut the deck… Anyone can afford a set of playing cards. Whether your poison is poker or Texas holdem, make the competition even more exciting and play for clothing items instead of chips or money. Yes, “strip poker” may seem like a game that you once combined with beer pong when you were 22, but it can certainly be just as fun in your 30’s and 40’s if you let it. So get your best poker face going ASAP!

Kinect with one another… If you and your significant other prefer to be a little more active on your date nights, why not pick your favorite Xbox kinectgame to play? Whether it’s a sport related one or one of those crazy dance games, you’ll still be able to stir up some sexy competition all while getting in a bit of a workout in the process.


Naughty nights… If you’d rather not have to use your imagination to figure out a way to make the ordinary extraordinary, no worries, there are several games available to do that for you. From card games that initiate foreplay to board games that ignite secret fantasies, adult games could be the key to getting some fire back in your bedroom. If you’re too shy to shop your local adult store, browse the net for some game-time fun. Whether you’re looking for something sweet and simple to start the evening or a game that taps into your uninhibited wild side, you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for online.

So pencil in some play time ladies. Take the kids to the in-laws, grab your significant other and go get your game on!