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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! The kickoff to summer is officially here and in addition to warm weather and a much needed three day weekend, comes some quality time to spend with the family.  If you haven’t yet settled in on your plans for the holiday weekend, here are a few ideas to get you and yours ready to go!

Picnic in the park… Few things beat the simplistic fun of just hanging together at the park. With so many parks offering a variety of activities, you can do more than just share a picnic lunch these days. Look for a local park with water sports like paddle boating. Go for a hike together or simply just find a fountain to splash around in.

Take in a movie… Summer 2012 is one of the best yet for movies, and theatres are packed with shows sure to entertain mom and dad as well as the kids. Some sure bets for this weekend are; Men in Black with Will Smith, Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and of course the number one pick of the summer so far, The Avengers! Eager to take in a movie but want to save a little cash? Check your local listings to see if there’s a drive-in theatre nearby. The price of admission is always cheaper, you can bring in your own snacks and drinks and most offer a double feature for just a little bit more than the cost of one movie in a standard theatre.

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Check out the local festivities… Nearly every city has its own long list of activities for Memorial Day. From festivals to fireworks, you’re sure to find an event that pleases all by just browsing through your local paper. If you’re local to Cincinnati, remember to head downtown to the Taste of Cincinnati and get a good dose of delicious food along with rides and games for the kids.

Time to get wet… Whether you’re lucky enough to have a pool or you’re in driving distance of a good water park, hanging at the pool is sure bet for family fun. Pack snacks and drinks to save money, and then just relax. Whether you plan to play water games with the kids or simply supervise while relaxing and reading a good book, grab the family and dive into fun!

Take a road trip… While everyone loves to spend the Memorial Day weekend soaking up the sun and relaxing, the true purpose of the holiday is to remember all the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. So why not celebrate their memory by taking a trip to our Nation’s Capital? Washington, D.C. is full of family fun and holds all of history’s greatest monuments from Arlington National Cemetery to the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Want to take it all in but also make it a learning experience? Contact Washington Walking Tours for a private guide and make it an experience that everyone will remember.