Welcome readers! To “Real” Fit-Mama’s blog.  I am before anything else a Full-Time Mama! I take that title seriously.  Being a Real Fit Mama is what makes Lindsey, (that’s ME!) Lindsey! I enjoy almost every part of being fit and active! (Yes, I did say allllllmost every part of it), I am in no way perfect. I don’t always make the correct decisions for myself, or family. I screw up. But, I like to remind myself that I am a work-in progress.  We mamas put a TON of pressure on ourselves, and I like to take a breather, ya know, enjoy a mini chocolate cupcake every now and then! (okay, maybe 2, I lied, maybe 3… fine ask my hubby, he’ll be honest with you). Anyways, my husband and I had our first child, a daughter born in 2007. In October 2009, we welcomed our son. Then, in January 2011, our youngest daughter.  Needless to say, I. WAS. HOOKED. (and had to figure out how to get back in shape after each one!)

I could go on and on about my family (makes sense I’m a blogger then right?) That’s really only one reason why I want to blog on a site like Skinny Moms. Not only am I personally passionate about family, fitness, food, and fashion, but every day I feel like I am embarking on an incredible journey! What is she talking about, you ask? Well here goes, I currently live on a wonderful piece of land that is allowing my family to own cows, goats, pigs, etc. (They call that livestock… I think, right?)  Now, we don’t have those animals yet, but trust me, once we do, YOU’LL be some of the FIRST people to hear about it! I didn’t grow up with this kind of lifestyle. (I’m from the Chicago Suburbs, and didn’t even OWN sweatpants until I met my Hubs)  However, it is perfect for my family! We currently enjoy eggs from our OWN chickens! (This is huge for me, I might be a “Real” Fit-Mama, but I do not like things that fly, and yes, chickens CAN fly. Ours, not so much anymore, but that’s another post). What does this have to do with anything? Well, when it comes to food, the more we look into WHAT we have been feeding our children (and ourselves) the more organic/natural we are becoming. We have always eaten well, and avoided most processed foods (minus those mini-cupcakes…), but this my fellow friends, is going to be QUITE the journey and I am SO excited to have you follow along with me! Not only “on the farm” but as I learn to balance it all between my career, family, relationships, and fitness goals! I promise you there will be plenty of “WTHecks”, “No Ways”, and “I never thought I would be’s” coming out of this “Real” Fit-Mama.  I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am!