This year has been a struggle for me both personally and professionally. While I absolutely love my job, it has been a rocky journey as working for any start up company does not provide much stability. Throughout all the obstacles Brooke and I have faced at Skinny Mom, I was surrounded by so much encouragement and support from my family and friends, and of course Brooke, that I felt it was in my best interest to push forward.

Brooke may get mad at me for admitting this (sorry, B!), but I was not even making enough money to cover my monthly bills, let alone have money for gas or groceries or an occasional night out. However, Skinny Mom needed someone to get the ball rollin’ with the new growth, and I was the person for the job. No kids, not married, young, and eager to work. It was a great fit, but definitely came with expected…and some unexpected…roadblocks.

I can say now that all those nights worrying about how I was going to pay my next student loan bill or how I was going to pay for gas for the next day’s commute was well worth it. While we are still not raking in the big bucks [fingers crossed that this will some day happen 😉 ], I can proudly say I have a job that I absolutely, 100%, no questions asked LOVE. I love the person I work for, I love the people I work with, and I love the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment I get from inspiring, motivating, and captivating women and mothers across the world.

I can’t always say I’ve loved my previous jobs, and I know that many of you out there have experienced or are currently experiencing the same situation. The last job I had, I went in with high hopes and great expectations and found that a year into it, I absolutely hated it. Like seriously despised it! I was so unhappy, I gained a lot of weight, I struggled in my relationships, I was simply not a happy person. Our work constitutes so much of our time and our life and it should be something we love, or at the very least something we don’t absolutely dread every day.

If you are unhappy with your current work situation, it’s time to find something to fill the void. I understand the financial crises many people are facing (I’m right there with ya), as well as the difficulty in finding actual employment opportunities, so in no means do I say, “Quit your job, screw the corporate world, and find something you love!”. But, I do think you should take some personal time to get back to an old hobby or activity that somehow got lost in the busy shuffle of life and motherhood. Take an art class, train to get a fitness certificate, experiment in the kitchen, or learn a new language. Try something new. Take chances. Experiment. Do something that you love. Life is too short to simply roll with the punches. Find some extra time and explore the real you. The real you that has been covered with appointments, car pool, soccer games, PTO meetings. The real you that actually has some interests that may not involve your kids or your partner…you’ll be amazed at what you find and how truly happy you become.