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Even better than a good night’s sleep is a good night’s sleep followed by a glass of healthy lemon juice first thing in the morning. But if you’re anything like me, that usually means drinking through seeds and pulp to get to the heart of the drink.

So then you can imagine my delightful surprise upon discovering that I no longer had to do that when I received my Kitchen Frontier Professional Lemon and Lime Press.

Truth be told, I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to anything in the kitchen. Every Easter, for instance, I need to be reminded how to boil eggs so that my kids can color them. So it should not surprise you when I say that upon learning of my lemon and lime press review assignment, my first thought was, “What is a lemon and lime press?”

And, even after receiving my nicely packaged box in the mail, and staring at the device for what seemed like hours, I was still confused. But I carefully read the directions, retrieved my water glass, cut my lemon in half, placed it in the press and squeezed. Voila. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, minus the seeds, mixed so nicely with my morning water.

I am now a lemon press pro.

My skills are now so advanced that I decided to take them to the next level and make *gasp* a cake. A raspberry lemonade cake, to be exact, that is posted on the Skinny Mom website here.

lemon raspberry cake

Although the recipe calls for using two round cake pans, ours have somehow disappeared, as I realized soon after I had the batter already made and ready for pouring. So, I used a 13×9 glass pan, and decreased the baking time, and it turned out just as well.

The easiest part of making the cake, however, besides opening the box of angel food cake mix, was adding the lemon juice. Had I discovered this recipe prior to using the Kitchen Frontier Professional Lemon and Lime Press, I would have stopped reading at the point of having to squeeze the lemon juice into the batter, and pursued no further. But, because of my new tool, and my new best friend in the kitchen, it was a breeze. I was able to squeeze just the right amount of juice into the batter, which, as I realized, is a vital part of the process, as you likely do not want a cake that tastes too sour.

>> Recipe: Lemon Almond Bread

Did I mention that I did not have to go swimming for lemon seeds in the batter?

The cake was delicous. My family had rave reviews and is already asking me to make it again. But I’m going to set my sights even highter next time. I’m thinking lemon chicken or maybe even lemon tilapia. Now THAT would be something of which I could be proud.

The next time you are thirsty for a tall glass of lemon juice (packed with so many health benefits!), or you are making a meal that calls for fresh squeezed lemon juice, look for the Kitchen Frontier Professional Lemon and Lime Press. It will make your life SO much easier and whatever you’re making taste great!