If Pinterest Boards are an indicator of what’s popular with the ladies, then chevron is the print of the moment. Sorry, polka dots. When it comes to trends, there’s no reason your clothes should have all the fun, let the kitchen in on the action! We searched high and low for some of the hottest chevron print appliances and accessories for your kitchen. No matter what your personal style, we’ve got the right chevron for you!

The Macbeth Collection Self Adhesive Shelf Liner: Shelf liners are not just for Carol Brady, and there’s more out there than 70s flower power!  If mixing prints in the kitchen seems intimidating, a little chevron peeking out from the kitchen cabinets is a great way to test the waters. Are you the daring type? Try removing the cabinet doors to show it off!

chevron contact paper
Dress My Cupcake Vintage Paper Straws, Lilac Lavender Chevron: It may be the dead of winter, but a cold glass of lemonade with a pretty vintage paper straw is an excellent reminder that warm weather will be here, someday.  It’s also a great way to add a little fun to a plain old glass of milk to Wednesday night spaghetti and meatballs. We love making our smoothies a little prettier with printed straws. Check out our favorites here!

Purple Chevron Straws

Scripted Chevron Half Apron: Aprons have a bit of a bad rap. They’re mostly associated with the outdated notion of Suzy Homemaker and are met with an eye roll. Well here’s the thing about aprons, they actually make a lot of sense. In addition to protecting a great pair of jeans from grease splatter, it can also serve as a dish towel in a pinch. And there is nothing 1950s housewife about this tribal print inspired chevron apron.


Chevron apron

Boatman Geller Personalized Chevron Sunflower Melamine Plate:  There’s no need to hoard all the chevron, so spread the chevron love! Boatman Geller’s Personalized Chevron Sunflower Melamine Plate is a perfect hostess gift to give to a fashionable friend. The plate mixes the classic color combination of yellow and navy with a trendy chevron print, and it will go with pretty much any kitchen scheme.

Chevron Melamine Plate in Yellow

Oster French Bull 2-Slice Toaster: Toast is not the most exciting breakfast food (that honor probably goes to something in the pancake/waffle family), but this Oster French Bull Toaster is the most exciting appliance in the kitchen. Well, unless there’s a margarita machine in the kitchen. There’s no competing with a margarita machine. The bright multi-color chevron print is so fun that toast just might have to be on the menu every morning.

oster toaster
Chevron Striped Recipe Cards: As wonderful as Pinterest is, nothing takes the place of a recipe card. And the recipe card doesn’t have to be a totally old school index card (those are bo-ring), it can be a bright cheery chevron striped card. Special recipes deserve special recipe cards.
Chevron Striped Recipe Cards
Boatman Geller Personalized Chevron Pink Ice Bucket:  If Barbie had a cozy cottage on the beach, this would be the ice bucket she would use for her sunset cocktail parties. So yeah, this ice bucket is awesome! Actually, why wait for a party? How cute would the ice bucket look on a desk with some flowers or a potted plant in it?  No Barbie Dream House needed.

Boatman Geller Personalized Chevron Ice Bucket

Chevron Black Paper Placemats Chevron is a chic trend. Black and white is classic chic. Put them together and does it get anymore chic?  No, it really doesn’t. These Chevron Black Paper Placemats will instantly elevate any place setting to Instagram worthy.

Black and White Chevron Paper Placemats

Ahoy Zig Zag Tea Towel Set Of 2: Easiest way to add a little pizazz to the kitchen? Some cute tea towels. The Ahoy Zig Zag towels will perk up any kitchen. And the best part? No assembly or elbow grease required!

Chevron Tea Towel

KESS InHouse Chevron Love Cutting Board:  Who said cutting boards have to be boring? This KESS InHouse cutting board is dishwasher safe, non-slip, made of tempered glass, and will make chopping vegetables a little more exciting. And no need to hide this bad boy away in the pantry. Show off the fab colors and design for an eye-catching piece!

chevron cutting board
Chevron Kitchen Art Prints:  Looking for a little wall art?  These Chevron Kitchen Art Prints are a whimsical take on kitchen art. You can mix and match depending on kitchen color scheme and available wall space.  Break them up, stagger them, line them all up, whatever works for your space!

chevron prints

Ombre Chevron Wall Clocks: Remember before cell phones, there were these things called clocks that people would hang on the walls to know what time it was? Bring back the kitchen clock in 2014! These ombre chevron wall clocks are a great way to remind everyone that family dinner is at 6pm sharp.

Ombre Chevron Clock

Chevron Cookie Jar: Cookie jars don’t have to be cutesy teddy bears and cartoon characters. Cookie jars can be upscale and swanky. Cookie jars can be for grownups.

Chevron Cookie Jar

Chevron Ceramic Subway Tile: If a simple accent like a tea towel or cutting board isn’t enough, go all out and grab these chevron tiles.  The grey and neon color combo is one of the big trends in interior design right now, so why not try it out in the kitchen? Also, neon makes everything better, it’s just science.

Chevron Kitchen Subway Tile

Surya Frontier Wide Zigzag Teal Hand Woven Flatweave Rug: Maybe some people are drawn to chevron because it can resemble zebra print? This Surya Frontier Wide Zigzag Teal Hand Woven Flatweave Rug has a bit of a zebra feel to it, and does it get any better than teal zebra print? Nope, not really.

Teal Chevron Rug

Tervis Chevron Tumbler: Tervis Tumblers are known as the strongest drinkware available. These puppies are virtually indestructible! (No, that was not a challenge. Do not attempt to destroy these gorgeous goodies). These tumblers have a double wall that prevents condensation and keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  They also have a tight fitting lid that can drastically cut down on big spills, which is always a bonus for the Skinny Mom crew.

tervis chevron
Imax: Chevron Tall Vase: Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to any home, but a plain glass vase can be a little on the boring the side. No offense, plain glass vase lovers. Why not mix things up with the Imax Chevron Tall Vase?  It’s an unexpected way to bring some color and style into any room.

chevron vase
DENY Designs Amy Sia Chevron Set Of 4 Coasters: No one wants rings on their tables, but plain coasters are no fun. Put these DENY Designs coasters out on the table and guests won’t need to be reminded to use them. They’re so colorful and inviting guests will grab them before they even have a drink.
chevron coasters

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Adjustable Strap: Everyone knows they should brown bag their lunch every day, but no one wants to use an actual brown bag. In addition to the adorable pinky chevron print, this lunch bag makes so much sense because the whole bag goes in the freezer, so no worrying about freezing (and losing) those darn freezer packs.

pack it
Personalized Lime Green Chevron Koozie: Koozies are kind of wonderful. They keep drinks cold and hands warm and dry. And a personalized chevron koozie? Perfection. These are ideal for summer beach days, but they’ll also work for snowstorms.

Personalized Chevron Koozie

Indigo Soap on Chevron Ceramic Tray  People put such thought into fancy guest soaps, but what about the trays the guest soap sits on? Don’t just use the same raggedy tray for every house guest. Instead, give each guest their very own Indigo Soap on a Chevron Ceramic Tray. It’s a small gesture that will go a long way.


Indigo Soap on Chevron Ceramic Tray

In Kitchen: Chevron Cutting Boards: Love a good old fashioned Italian restaurant but don’t want to be so literal in the interior design translation? These red and white chevron cutting boards have the charm of a favorite mom and pop restaurant combined with the trendiness of a modern foodie. Beware, these cutting boards may cause some serious lasagna cravings!

chevron cutting board

Do you have pops of chevron in your kitchen that turned your space from drab to fab?! We’d love to see them!