Whether your kids are miles away or right down the road at college, they are missing you more than they probably lead on.  Just imagine their smiling face as they open up a nice little care package their mother has sent them in the mail.  All their favorite things in one box, just to show them how much you miss them as well. Homesickness is inevitable, even if they are having a fabulous time with rambunctious college friends, the comforts of a real home are still needed. Seas

onal or holiday care packages are super easy! It’s a great way to keep holiday traditions going during special moments like Valentine’s Day or Halloween.  But, the absolute best ones are always just the random, middle of the week care packages with the young adult’s favorite essentials.  What a great pick me up in the middle of a semester…or dare we say the dreaded words, “midterms” and “finals.”  Your kids will definitely love it!  Skinny Mom has put together a great list of care package essentials that your children will be sure to love!

  1. Their favorite sweet treat, either candy or cookies.
  2. A salty snack to take care of those late night cravings.
  3. Crystal Light Energy Packs are helpful for those late nights and early mornings.
  4. Gift cards to their favorite places around campus.
  5. Quarters for laundry (hey, maybe they’ll actually do it).
  6. A magazine or two for light reading.
  7. Personal care items such as chap stick, deodorant, or toothpaste. College kids HATE buying these things that were always conveniently stored in bulk at the house. Plus, who can seriously keep track of their chap stick when they actually need it?
  8. iTunes gift cards to refill their music library.
  9. A picture from home in case they are feeling homesick. It’s even trendy to have “throwback” pics on Facebook. That’s right, the old fashioned polaroid pics, scanned and uploaded onto the profile–prehistoric times right?!
  10. A personal note to show your love with their goodies. Simple and funny “back at home” stories are great ways to keep the family in tact!

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