I’m sure from my Instagram pics, you can see that I’m in love with bright color skinnies. My favorite pair may just be the royal blue. They have such an electric punch that it’s easy to wear with another of my favorites: the classic tee. Because they are so vibrant and bold, I like to keep the paired colors fairly neutral.

Now, if I have an important date or meeting and I’m on the move, this t-shirt and blue skinny look has to be polished. A simple, black blazer instantly takes this comfy, trendy look into a professional setting.

My blazer is actually more of a “menswear” style, but of course it is still tailored to a woman’s shape. As usual, we are balancing the tight jean with a looser fitting top and jacket. However, this blazer still provides enough structure to the look!

To complete the look, I either pick a patterned scarf that picks up on the bright blue tones or, if I’m feeling a little rockstar, I grab my skull scarf. Since it is still a little cold, I grabbed my black boots. Why not a pattern or color? For a business meeting, a pattern may be a little too loud. Plus, to keep the rocker look, it’s all in the accessories. Keep the clothing pieces bold, but simple. Look for great accessories with edgy details. For example, the leather multi-wrap watch and the buckled boots!

Of course I went with my loose curls. But, to add subtle edge to the rocked out waves, twist a small section of hair back and bobby pin it down.

This look just screams empowerment!