I was watching that new show “Revolution” where something causes the entire planet to lose all electricity and battery power. Our multi-media crazed society suddenly had to go back to the way life was before electricity. Of course I probably wouldn’t last long without my laptop and television, but there was something almost romantic about going back to a fresh, farm living society. To grow all of your own food, keep livestock and hunt for food is a neat notion; especially with all of the junk food, soda pop and chemicals we ingest daily. Can you imagine going back to fresh, homegrown food? It is a romantic idea.

mom daughter gardening

My husband started a vegetable garden a few years ago, and to eat the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and herbs we grow is pretty awesome. I can eat the skin on the cucumber because I know there isn’t any wax or pesticides all over it. If we had a larger backyard I bet we’d have a huge garden. The thing I love most about this Revolution notion is the lack of chemicals in the food. All of the preservatives and additives in our food are so bad for us. I bet if we were able to go back to healthy, fresh foods we wouldn’t have all of the food allergies we have now. It is something to ponder.

clean food

We have a high school classmate who recently took the plunge into fresh living. She left the suburbs of Chicago, bought a farm and is now living off the land. What a respectable and bold move she made. There are some days when we daydream about doing that even though we know we will be in our happy suburban existence for all of our days. We’ve only visited pumpkin farms in October we really do not have any idea how to run a farm.

Never-the-less, here a few Eco-Friendly tips from the Revolution website you can start doing today to at least feel like you are part of the solution:

  • Start a garden
  • Bike or walk instead of driving
  • Collect rainwater
  • Buy used clothing
  • Hand wash and hang dry your clothing
  • Turn off your computer

You CAN create your own garden, click here for some tips to get started!