A big buzzword lately is “cleanse.” We hear about celebrities doing cleanses to slim down or fat flush. A cleansing tea in the morning is a great way to do this. Making a small step, like swapping your morning cup of coffee for a cup of herbal, cleansing tea can be very beneficially. This is a great way to get the advantages of a cleanse without risking your health and starving yourself. Here are some teas to get you started!

Palais Des Thes: Green Teas SetGreen tea has numerous health benefits and cleansing properties. Try one of these beautiful, aromatic green teas from Palais Des Thes in the morning. With five flavored and five original green teas, you will love the variety this set offers. Each tube makes a pot of 6-8 cups so you can share these teas with your loved ones!

palais des thes

Tealish Fine Teas: Skinny Mini: This metabolism-boosting tea is layered with vanilla and ginger to suppress appetite. This tea will keep you hydrated, which we all know helps combat wrinkles!

skinny mini tea

Runa Guayusa Tea: Made with organic guayusa, this tea packs a one-two punch of caffeine to get you going and anti-oxidants to detox the body. Replace your morning cup of joe with this tea, and you can begin to see a difference in your mood and skin!


Peachberry Jasmine Sutra Green Tea: This tea brews pink, so of course we love it! A loose leaf tea with undertones of peach and jasmine will provide a sweet and floral start to your day. The benefits of green tea are endless, so drink up!


Pukka Herbs: Organic Herbal Tea: If you feel like your skin could use some extra attention, drinking this tea is a great way to purify your skin.

pukka cleanse

Kusmi Tea: Detox: This loose-leaf tea is perfect for cleansing, and it even has a little bit of caffeine for a morning boost.

kusmi tea

Art of Tea: Cleanse Artisan Tea Tin: In this Artisan Tea Tin, purifying herbs and tea come together to regulate the body’s natural cleansing process.


Skinny Mom Bonus Ideas!

Hayadi Peppermint Tea Tree Cleanse: The benefits of tea go far beyond simply drinking it. Did you know it could actually help your hair to grow and keep it moisturized? Amazing! This shampoo utilizes the essential oils of peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus to cleanse and detoxify your hair so that it can grow more quickly!


tea shampoo

Mana-Tea Infuser: How could you not adore this tea infuser? Perfect for brewing loose tea, this silicone infuser will bring a smile to your morning.

manatea infuser

Kate Spade Porcelaine Polka Dot Mug: Simple, but darling! We love this polka mug, even if you don’t use it for tea!

kate spade mug