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Do you ever feel like you are working out really hard, day after day, and not getting the results you expect? The answer may be as simple as adjusting your workout form. Let’s face it, we weren’t all born in a gym and we already have so much on our minds that trying to remember exactly how to do something may not be a top priority — but it should be.

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When you think of “form over function” for working out, you should think of it as building a strong foundation that you can grow from and add onto as you progress. Proper workout form will not only make you stronger, but will also help to shape your body the correct way with little chance for injury.

Keep in mind that a true workout is more than just “going through the motions.” It is not a race to see how fast you can get done or aimlessly pumping out reps. Make sure you are getting a full range of motion both on upward and downward movement. For instance, if you are lifting a dumbbell for a bicep curl, try using three counts up and one count down and then switch it up to one count up and three counts down. Proper form requires focus, concentration and genuine intention. Also remember that if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t! Trust your body.

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Here are some quick tips for getting correct form.

Cardio Machines

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  • Practice the move first with no weight while looking in the mirror.
  • Think about the body part you want to work — can you feel it working?
  • Start with a warm-up set with light weight.
  • Slowly add more weight over time. It is better to start with low weight and do higher reps until you have the form down, then move on to higher weight over the next few weeks.

Body Weight Exercises

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