I love a good kitchen gadget. You know the end caps at Target where they sell clearance items? There is always a great gadget on those shelves just calling my name for only 2 bucks!  Just a few months ago, there were ice trays in the shape of a set of false teeth.  I came really close to buying it. It was worth the few good laughs that I could get out of it! To amuse myself, I went on a search for other ridiculous items that are laugh-worthy, but take up too much extra counter and drawer space to make them useful.


The Banana Slicer: Just the comments alone are worth the search for this item. I mean, come on, using a knife to cut your banana is really that difficult? Search this one on Amazon for a good laugh.


Pasta Measuring Tool: I had one of these in my drawer for the last 10 years (it was a wedding gift). Sorry if you gave it to me and you are reading this. I recently moved and added this item to the bag for charity. It really served no purpose because I never once used it. I mean, pasta is not a super expensive item. If you are off by a little, I think it will be okay.


Hot Dog Slicer: I would like to have a conversation with stores that display these on the aisles. While they may be cute,  I have to have the same conversation with my child every time we pass it! No we do not need this…I can use a knife…it’s pointless! Hide them in the back, please! For the sake of moms everywhere!


Roll and Pour: It’s late, this comes on an infomercial, you’re tired and it seems that those drink jugs are just too heavy. Don’t give in! This will consume your cabinet! Your drinks won’t be too heavy, but this will certainly be too awkward to get out just for a cup of juice.


Fondue Set: An elderly friend cleaned out her cabinet and gave one of these to me. Then I cleaned out my cabinet and gave it to someone else. Get real. You will never recreate The Melting Pot in your own home, no matter how much you really want to.


Microwave S’more Maker: Yeah, you can just put them on a plate. You do not need this little dude to hold down your crackers.


Pizza Scissors: I mean, this seems like a great idea, but it would never work like it appears it does in the picture. Look how clean that slice is! It’s just not happening. And honestly, if you’re eating pizza so often you need to purchase pizza scissors, we may have another problem.


The Ham Dogger: Seriously, what is this? You keep this handy gadget around for those times when you only have hot dog buns and hamburger meat? Or do you actually plan for hot dog shaped hamburgers? Why not just make hamburgers?

If you have one of these, come to terms with the fact that it is probably taking up space and causing clutter. Give it away and let it clutter someone else’s kitchen!

Have you encountered any other bizarre kitchen gadgets?! If so, be sure to give a shout out in the comments below!