More and more grocery stores are starting to offer pickup service — or at the very least, starting to research if it is something their customers would want. Essentially, you place your order online and then for a small fee, pick up your groceries at the front of the store.

So, we wanted to know if this was something that Skinny Mom readers would do. We asked, and you answered! Check out some of the responses below. Feel free to comment below as well!

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“This would actually help me with sticking to a diet! I always see something yummy while shopping and then have to get it. I would likely spend less as well because I’d be sticking to what I actually need. I am the mom of a toddler and I take offense to the poster who said that ‘it’s a cop out’ for moms. Why the heck do you care what method certain populations of people choose to obtain their groceries? Personally I see it as a time saver for busy moms, plus it keeps everyone away from all the germs in a grocery store, thus limiting possible illnesses. I hated bringing my newborn out to pick up things we had to get!” — AS

“I would be all over that one!!” — DH

“I like going and spending the time picking between the meats and the fruits and veggies. I feel like they wouldn’t pay as much attention to that. Or sale prices! I usually decide what to but depending on the price of the produce or what meat is on sale. Now if they want to come carry in and unload my groceries, that’s the part I hate!” — JF

“I would soooo do this if it was available in my area. I wouldn’t have to walk down the cookie aisle any more!” — RD

“I’m not a fan, because that takes away my ability to choose the freshest products, and also takes away the ability to find unadvertised specials and clearance items.” — MP

“Shop Rite has pickup OR delivery! It’s fantastic, especially with small or sick kids. And the shopper has called me to ask if I’d like a substitute for an item she doesn’t think looks fresh or is close to expiration date. And I can leisurely load my cart for days or weeks as I notice things I’ll need. 100% awesome.” — JB

“I use it all the time at our local store… Four kids in the grocery store… I’d rather be punched in the face. Sams is now offering the same service with no fee and my life has become much easier!” — JR

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“I use this ALL the time. It’s so helpful for time management and budgeting. I LOVE it!” — KM

“I like grocery shopping when I can go alone and without my kids. Otherwise this would be great!” – JW

“Nope, I wouldn’t use this service. I want to see my product and look at the label… see what it has for ingredients!” — JB

“I do this! I have little kids and it’s a huge time and money saver, even with the extra fee for their services. I’d spend more money shopping because my kids always sneak stuff in the cart and talk me into buying stuff not on the list. This was a Godsend when my kids were babies, I still use it probably 40 percent of the time. I’m a vegetarian and my kids have food allergies, so I know which brands I can trust and shopping online at my convenience is great. I can’t say enough great things about such a service. If anyone knows what it’s like to haul around a carseat or two into a store, I’m sure you can understand how this service is valuable. And the store I use always called me if they didn’t like the way the produce looked and they’d tell me. I was able to trust them with my produce; that is so great.” — DD

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“I thoroughly enjoy my shopping experience. I don’t think I would ever take advantage of that service.” — KR

“Sometimes I wish basic groceries would magically appear in my house. For meats and produce, I prefer to handpick.” — LH

“I like getting my walking in when I grocery shop! Society is getting quite lazy these days!” — PM

“Yes! With three kids that would be heavenly!” — CK

“I would not like it because I also enjoy going to the grocery store to buy my own groceries! I like deciding for myself what brand I want to buy!” — WJ

“I’d maybe consider it for my staple items, but I’d want to go in anyway for produce and meats. I can see it coming in handy once in a while, although it wouldn’t replace my regular shopping.” — SB

“They could have all the shelf items ready and I could just go pick up produce and meat. I’d rather be beaten to a bloody pulp than go grocery shopping so I’d be more than happy to pay for that service!” — ED

“I have 4 kids. Pickup service would be great and worth the money.” — MB

“I get my groceries delivered! I love it and always get the freshest produce, dairy, etc. It also forces me to plan the menu for the week AND there is no temptations lurking at the end caps.” — SR

“No. I actually like walking the store (most of the time) and getting my own groceries. It’s a break from being at the house and like a mini-vaca if my husband is home and I don’t have to take the kids. I’m not nearly busy enough to justify not doing my own grocery shopping.” — NA