It’s important to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially when life gets busy, and apps are a great new way for on-the-go moms to keep up with their healthy habits. We asked our Facebook followers to share their favorite healthy apps! Here’s what they had to say.

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“Weight Watchers. I chose the point system. I have always eaten pretty healthy, but this app helped me recognize just how unhealthy so may foods are that we think are healthy.” — M.C.B.

“Definitely MyFitnessPal!! It has [made] a world of difference in my life – I recommend it to all my friends!!” — S.B.

“My Fitbit app and just found Fooducate today and LOVE it.” — R.C.

“100% My Fitness Pal! As a busy mom of two and a business owner, this is the only thing that is able to keep my eating eating habits ‘under control.’ In fact, since the end of January I’ve lost 22 pounds using it!” — M.B.

“Map My Run! They also have Map My Fitness (which I haven’t tried) and I’m pretty sure you can link it to your My Fitness Pal account.” — M.P.C.

“I’ve used Spark People for five years, and credit it to getting and keeping me on track with my diet. I also track my exercise there, too. Love it!” — E.H.M.

“Skinny Mom, it’s worked for me!” — W.B.

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“I use the Weight Watchers app and I love it. I especially love the bar code scanner so I can scan different foods at the grocery store to compare nutrition info.” — J.H.

“Sparkpeople for food and My Fitness Pal to log my half marathon training with GPS.” — C.B.

What’s your favorite healthy app? Share with us in the comments below.