We’ve all had that moment: The hubs surprises you by telling you his parents are visiting tomorrow. (Thanks for the heads-up, Dear.) It’s up to you to put on dinner. The thought of another boring baked chicken entree with steamed veggies is not going to cut it, but you don’t want to go out to eat. Don’t worry, you’ve got this!

Here are 6 simpler-than-you-think entree ideas you can use to please the in-laws or any dinner guest. Enjoy!

1. Miso Ginger Glazed Salmon via Chow: One of my favorite go-to dishes. Salmon is a perfect “healthy fats” fish that you can easily infuse with any flavor. A lot of people who enjoy fish are still intimidated to cook it, so wow your guests with this easy but highly flavorful entree. (photo credit here)


2. Herb Grilled Pork Tenderloin via The Gracious Pantry: Trimmed pork tenderloin can be a great addition to healthy proteins. Just like chicken, pork tenderloin grabs flavor easily. With these herbs, it will be a great hit paired with some steamed veggies and a sweet potato. NOM!  (photo credit here)


3. Baked Fish in Parchment via Chow: I love making fish this way. This is great for dinner parties and getting your guests involved. Let them season their own fish however they like with a season table. For a celebratory twist, you can even decorate the parchment paper!  (photo credit here)

fish on parchment

4. Chicken Rollatini via Skinny Taste: This is a favorite in our house and the kids love to help make them. It’s also a great way to hide the veggies for your picky eaters! This quick and simple recipe is a crowd favorite because of the foodie look and powerful taste. (photo credit here)


5. Chicken and Chard via The Gracious Pantry: Chard is difficult to find here so I usually go with kale instead, but either way this dish is bursting with flavor. What a delicious way to load up on your healthy greens and lean protein! (photo credit here)


6. Turkey and Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie via Skinny Taste: We absolutely love Shepherd’s Pie. Finding a healthier recipe was a must and this one is packed with flavor. You really can’t go wrong here, especially if your guests have their own individual pies. Hello entertainer of the year! (photo credit here)

shepherds pie