Ever wondered if you truly are what you eat? Or maybe you are sick of taking pills for headaches, depression, insomnia, or any other ailment that befalls you? If this sounds like you, then Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal by Reader’s Digest is an amazing resource for you.  The book includes an index of ailments which details what foods will help naturally fight these ailments and what foods will only further the issue. Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal also breaks down the most common foods, explaining the harming or healing properties of each.

One of the most interesting finds in this treasure was the magical–who would have thought–brussels sprouts! Anyone who has a love/obsession with the Big Bang Theory knows that the harmful affects of too many brussels is flatulence and bloating… poor Sheldon! On the flip side, they help heal these ailments: heart disease, high blood pressure, digestion issues, weight gain, and get this, CANCER! I mean really!? This is amazing. Brussels sprouts possess an antioxidant that cleanses the free radicals in cancerous cells. Again, I say, AMAZING!

Ready for another fantastic natural cure for a common Mommy issue? Insomnia plagues so many of us and believe it or not, alcohol does not aid in sleep nor does caffeine of any kind. The real cure is probably something you have at your home right now in your very own kitchen: milk and honey!  Milk, like turkey, has tryptophan which is a natural sleep inducer. But it needs carbs to carry it into the brain, so a squirt of honey in your milk allows for the sandman to find you quickly and keep you asleep.  A turkey sandwich or banana can also work to combat insomnia.

If you have found these brief and helpful facts about the foods you eat or should eat, you need this book, Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal. I am already recommending this informative tome to my family and friends!