Let’s face it, dieting can be hard! And this is especially true when you just can’t seem to control your hunger. By eating foods that are high in protein, you can help keep your tummy quiet longer, snack less and lose weight more quickly.

According to Self Magazine’s Fullness Factor, the top three foods that hold off those hunger pangs are bean sprouts, watermelon and grapefruit with carrots and oranges not far behind. Find out which other foods made the cut by visiting the Fullness Factor at

Lisa De Fazio, MS, RD Media Nutrition Expert and Host, says the bottom line is that foods that are high in protein and fiber are the ones that can help you hold off hunger.

“Protein slows blood glucose absorption into the blood stream and therefore keeps you satisfied longer.” De Fazio explains. “Fiber fills you up, takes time to chew and expands in the stomach and fiber also takes time to break down and digest.”

De Fazio recommends the following protein choices:

  • Eggs-hard boiled or scrambled
  • Light string cheese,
  • Egg salad made w/ light mayo
  • Tuna (water packed) w/ light mayo
  • Greek yogurt
  • Lean turkey breast
  • Peanut butter
  • Handful of almonds or walnuts
  • Hummus or white bean dip

And the following fiber choices:

  • Multi-grain crackers-3 grams fiber per serving or more
  • Shredded wheat cereal
  • Brown rice
  • Low sugar granola bars
  • Corn
  • High fiber bread-2 or more gram fiber per slice
  • Apple-high in fiber

De Fazio says the best snacks or lunches to hold off hunger would include one protein and one fiber from the lists above. She says that beans in general are loaded with fiber AND protein and shared with us one of her hunger fighting snacks. “I drain a can of white beans, add lemon juice, olive oil, and shallots stir together and eat!” Get more great tips from Lisa at

For the best results, it is important to eat these high protein/high fiber snacks throughout the day, making sure to never go more than three or four hours without eating anything. Hydrating throughout the day can also hold off hunger, as many times when you start to feel hungry, you’re really might just be thirsty.