If you have a smart phone, you need to download the Fooducate app! This little app is definitely a game changer when it comes to being knowledgeable about the food that you and your family are eating. This app is free for both iPhone and Android users. If you are not a smart phone user yet, you can still get all of the benefits at their website (You just won’t have the portability of being able to carry it around with you).

It can be so difficult to know how healthy certain foods are. It’s pretty easy to know fruits and vegetables are healthy, but what about all of those packaged foods? It can be especially confusing when food manufacturers put claims such as “healthy,” “low-fat,” “low sugar,” etc on the package! Fooducate allows you to use the camera on your phone, scan the items’ barcode and then receive a letter “grade” for how healthy the food is. Fooducate will also give you suggestions and recommendations for other healthier alternatives. They currently have over 200,000 food items, but if you come across something that they do not have in their database, the app will prompt you to take a picture, it will send it to them and they will work on getting it added. It seriously could not be any easier!

You might be surprised at how some of your favorite foods are graded too. Some so-called “healthy” crackers I liked rated a C-. Does this mean I’ll never eat them again? No, but I will eat them with appropriate frequency now. Go through your pantry and toss out anything below a certain grade! Load Fooducate on your phone and take it with you when you shop. Remember…if it is not in the house, you can’t eat it! Fooducate will help you fill your cart with healthier choices, which will make it easier to stay on a healthy path at home.

Photo Credit: http://www.fooducate.com