Okay, Instagram may have helped us regular folk produce some pretty swanky pictures. But when we trade the app for the actual camera, it’s back to square one. Where are all the cool filter options? Why does the composition look so bland…where’s my cropping tool?! There’s one arena that these quick apps really help disguise bad photos: food. Real foodies and photographers surely know the difference. A vintage blur can make any bowl of noodles look cute. But, I wanted to learn how to make a real photo with real, mouthwatering dishes.

That’s when I tested out Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots by Nicole S. Young.

The book is super easy to follow and understand. This gal knows how to work the refresher course on camera terminology. She breaks down shutter speed, lighting settings, depth of field and so on. Each have concise descriptions and pictures showing the various differences/applications.

So beyond all the definitions, I learned some amazingly easy tips to “style” my food. If the dish isn’t quite ready for its close-up, there are some sly cover-ups. For instance, adding small pieces of cardboard and toothpicks inside such items as sandwiches increase its bulk. Keeping some of your cooking imperfections visible actually keeps the shot authentic—people know that its edible this way. Oh, and if the steam isn’t visible, go grab an iron or a steamer and puff up the little veggie.

Be sure to also check out chapters 5 and 6 for help in:

  •  Framing and Composition
  • Creating the rule of thirds for proportional shots
  • Using triangles (picking three vocal points that lead to one another, making one’s eyes travel across the dish)
  • Three-quarters angle (the most appealing for food)
  • Lens compression
  • Photo retouching and Adobe Photoshop tutorials!

While the author does insist on upgrading beyond a point and shoot camera, the composition tips alone will increase your food photos! Trust me and my little, blue Sony Cyber-shot.

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Photo Credit: google images & http://nicolesyblog.com

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