The number of available services to help consumers get healthy, eat clean, and be active are more present than ever. However, the actual genuine goodness of all these services can be questioned. What are the foods made of? What is the credibility of the service? What is the company’s agenda? We ran into a service that we believe has a genuine interest of their consumers in mind, with all the decisions they make. Food Matters is a meal delivery, nutrition counseling, and catering service that provides consumers with whole, local, fresh and wild food. Food that is real. Food that is natural. Food that is healthy.

Tricia Williams, creator of Food Matters says, “Food Matters NYC is helping individuals and families lead healthier lives through hands-on education and nutritional guidance. What we eat affects our physical, emotional and mental well being. We strongly believe in a person’s bio-individuality and help clients understand the food choices that would best nourish their bodies.”

We called on Tricia, asking her to explain further what her company does and who it helps. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the delivery and intrigued to check it out, I know we all were!

1. Please explain your motivation behind starting the Food Matters service.

The birth of my first child really inspired me to change my own habits.  I decided to go back to school to study holistic nutrition and food therapy to learn more about what I was feeding my child.  I combined this new knowledge with my previous experience as a chef to launch Food Matters.

2. What is your healthy eating ideals when creating meal plans for clients?

Since every client is different, I really focus on customization and bio-individuality.  I value organic, local and wild ingredients, and like to focus on alkalinity, to neutralize acids in the body.  My kitchen is gluten free, sugar free and dairy free.  When creating meal plans, I use foods that address my clients’ health concerns and goals, whether it’s weight management, allergies, stress, etc.

3. Please explain how your meal delivery and nutritional counseling work.

First, I have clients fill out a health history form and food preference form. Then, I ask them to create a list of their favorite foods, healthy or not. I love to recreate people’s favorite foods in a healthy way.  Whether it’s pizza or a twinkie, I find a way to make it happen!

4. What celebrities, politicians, and/or executives have you worked with? (Have you catered any big events? If so, please include that here).

Most of my clients are high profile. My list is confidential!

5. As a working mother, what advice do you have for other busy moms in balancing their work and personal lives?

Make time for your family and your children, because they are most important.  You must learn to disconnect from work when you spend quality time with your family.

6. How does your work translate into your family’s healthy eating habits and overall lifestyle?

I practice what I preach. My kids are terrific when it comes to eating an array of fruits and vegetables. I try to connectthem to the food they eat by gardening and cooking together.

7. What are your favorite three meals in the meal delivery system?

Farm Egg Kale Rolls

Vegan Lasagna (layers of zucchini, tomato sauce and basil cashew cream)

Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf

8. If you could cook for 1 celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?

Bill Clinton