Staple items are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.  You can mix and match them with other pieces in your closet to give you multiple looks all season long, and they tend to be those pieces that we always fall back to for confidence if we’re just not feeling it that day.  Here are my favorite staple items for fall:

1)  Vest:  Nothing is cozier than wearing a vest over your favorite tee in the fall.  I like having one in a color that you don’t normally wear, so you can not only add a pop of color to your outfit, but also step out of your comfort zone a little.  I have a couple from Jcrew that have lasted for many seasons, and they don’t disappoint with this year’s vest either.

2)  Throw on Sweater:  Layering is a must for fall.  We have those cooler mornings and evenings, and carrying a great sweater that can be thrown on for added warmth and style is essential.  I prefer ones that are longer, like this one from Hazel,  as they can be worn over a dress or with leggings to hide any trouble areas.

3)  Tall Boots:  Boots are my splurge item.  As I’ve told you, I try to keep everything in my store under $100 because personally, I have a hard time spending more than $100 on items for my wardrobe.  But, after spending money on boots that were either uncomfortable or that didn’t last one season, I’ve started buying Aquatalia boots.  My husband actually introduced me to the line.  He bought me a pair for Christmas one year, and now I can’t get enough of them.   As I said, they are expensive, but I’ve been buying them on sale at the end of each season so I have a good collection without breaking the bank.

4)  Dark Skinny Jeans:  The market is overloaded with denim brands, cuts, lengths, washes and price points.  So buying denim can be overwhelming.  If you think it’s overwhelming as a consumer, it’s just as overwhelming for store owners.  Skinny and dark are what sell best and are also my favorite to wear.  These from Mavi are a best seller at Trend.  As a mom, I like the slightly higher rise, and I haven’t ripped the knee squatting down to pick up my son like I have with some of my other jeans.

5)  Long sleeve knits or tees:  Great to wear under sweaters, vests, or by themselves, find a brand that works for you.  Splendid tees, like this one, are my favorite to wear under almost everything.