Onions might seem like just something extra you add to certain dishes for flavor, but you might be surprised to learn all the ways they can be beneficial to you. Take a few minutes to discover all the great things they can do for you and learn some easy ways to work them in to what you’re already eating.

Usually lists like this start at the bottom with the least important fact and end with the most important, but we’re going to do it backwards, because the number one reason to add onions to your diet is just too exciting to keep you waiting until the end of the article to find out what it is.

  1. The number one reason to add onions to your diet is that onions are NATURAL FAT BURNERS. Yes it’s true, onions contain a blend of minerals and oils that work to breakdown deposits of fat and even speed up metabolism. They’re low in calories too; just 60 calories in a cup of chopped onions.
  2. Onions can actually reduce inflammation in the body. Often times inflammation in the body is caused by a build up of oxidized fatty acids and there are various enzymes in onions that prevent the oxidation from occurring.
  3. Onions can also increase your bone density. Several of the flavanoids found in onions have been proven to help prevent the cells that are known to break down bones and even help stimulate bone building cells, thus increasing bone density.
  4. Onion intake helps reduce the bad cholesterol in your body as well as prevent blood platelets from clogging. Both of these can greatly improve your cardiovascular health.
  5. Lastly, onions have the potential to prevent or reduce risk of certain types of cancer. Medical studies have shown that onions can actually prevent the growth of cancerous tumors, most often those found in the stomach or digestive system.

You can add onions to almost anything you love to eat! Add a slice or two of raw onion to hamburgers or sandwiches, add scallions to baked potatoes, add scallions to brown rice and you can even just add chunks of onion to any vegetable dish you’re roasting. You can add leaks to just about any type of Asian dish you might be making. You can even add any of the onion types to salads and pizza. Keep in mind that cooking onions longer than 30 minutes can reduce their effectiveness.

So when you start thinking about how to incorporate onions into your diet, remember that you can use the regular bulb onions that are commonly used in a wide variety of dishes, or you can use scallions, shallots and leeks too.

Photo Credit: Chiot’s Run via Compfight cc