Yoga is great for so many reasons: exercise, meditation and even physical therapy. It is also an excellent way to achieve a much-needed mental recharge. Yoga provides the combination of strengthening exercises and mental clarity. Keep reading for five great yoga poses sure to lift your spirits!

1. Good Ol’ Downward Facing Dog is a tried and true position that Whole Living tells us is great for letting oxygen flow more easily through your body, allowing muscles to lose tension and stress. This awesome pose also increases blood flow to the head, creating that yoga “high” we all know and love.


2. Bridge Pose is a wonderful pose for stretching an achy lower back. shares that holding this pose is great for opening up the chest! Do not forget to breathe! (photo credit here)

Yoga (Bridge Pose)

3. Child’s Pose. According to, you can stretch those hips and lower back and alleviate stress and fatigue while taking long deep breaths. Not to mention, this pose is oh-so-comfy.


4. Legs Up The Wall is exactly what it sounds like. Huffington Post boasts this pose is amazing for connecting your mind with the present, aiding with sleep troubles and changing up your body’s blood flow. (photo credit here)


5. Corpse Pose is typically performed at the end of a yoga sequence but is also great on its own. Women’s Health Magazine informs us that this mellow pose is ideal for stretching and lengthening the spine while opening up your chest for better breathing. (photo credit here)


Yoga is all about connecting your mind and body. When you are feeling down, pick yourself up by completing a few of these mood-boosting yoga poses.
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