Getting there!

The first months of your baby’s life is critical for both you and baby, but more-so for baby. Our children need our undivided attention, always. We need to make sure we are available at the drop of a hat for whatever they need. You know what I’m talking about! Ya know, when you think they are sleeping so you go and try to sneak in a shower then all of a sudden they are screaming bloody murder? At that moment you jump out with shampoo still in your hair, mascara dripping in your eyeballs, and you’re slipping all over the place trying to move fast enough to grab a towel, if you even get to that point, just to get to the poor thing. When it comes to us though, during this critical time in our baby’s life, we too are going through critical events. As we are adjusting to our new bodies and trying to figure it out, it can be sad, confusing, dreadful, and often times we feel ashamed. To make matters better or worse, depending on how you look at it, we have to wait at least 6 weeks before we can start working out again. In my opinion, 6 weeks seemed like an eternity. I wanted to throw that body out the window! And not because I gained a few pounds but because I was weak. My muscles had lost their strength and I just felt, blah, like a blob. Being an athlete my whole life and then a workout freak for most of my adult life, my confidence took a huge shot. Of course when those 6 weeks came around the LAST thing I wanted to do was expend more energy and get less sleep! On top of that, my schedule wasn’t a come and go as I please anymore. I had to schedule my workout time around my baby and my hubby. So, waiting until 7-8 pm to work out definitely wasn’t enticing, I’d rather be sleeping or sitting in a bubble bath with a glass or 2 of Pinot Noir. Luckily I devised a plan. When Johnny would take naps I brought him with me to our condo gym. If I didn’t feel like looking somewhat presentable (ya know, putting on a bra) then I did an at home workout, such as:

2-3 sets of 15-20 reps



Jumping Jacks


Mountain climbers



If it was weather permitting, we (me and baby) went on a long walk around the neighborhood and incorporated exercises along the way; such as pushups and dips on a bench and walking lunges while pushing the stroller. When I was given clearance I signed back up at the gym only to find out that I couldn’t bring Johnny to their kids room until he was 6 months old. So, I’m still figuring out how to “fit” it in!  As important as it is to get back to exercising, it’s JUST as important to get your rest. If you don’t get your rest, your body will never morph into what it could be. In essence, your workouts will suffer, you will suffer, your mood will suffer, and so will your family. Now that Johnny is 5 months old, I’ve been enjoying breaking into the world of Cross Fit, talk about OUCH! What is your current routine and how do YOU “fit” it all in?