I used to scoff when I’d hear friends/co-workers/family members complain that they just “didn’t have time” to work out. Now two kids, one business to run, one husband who travels most days of the week and one house to take care of … I get it. Twenty-three-year-old me had all the time in the world to spend at the gym (and I did!) but now that I have a bit more on my plate, I have to be creative with how I get my fitness in during my busy day!


1. Find an activity you enjoy.  If you enjoy your workout/group exercise class, you’re going to be more motivated to carve out time for it in your day. So find something you love and get moving! Not sure what you would enjoy? Start here with Fitness Class Guide: What Style Are You?


2. Get up early. If you’re not a morning person, this can be tough but working out first thing guarantees that no matter what comes up in your day (surprise meetings, carpools, you name it) you’ve already made your health a priority.


3. Convenience is King. No matter what you like to do, it has to be convenient. Like the gym? Make sure it’s close to work or home. Love the great outdoors? Map out parks/trails that are on your daily drive so that squeezing in a workout isn’t adding to your already jam-packed day.

4. Be prepared.  Keep a packed gym bag in your car or under your desk at work. This way, if you get an extra pocket of time during the day, you have no excuses to skip your workout! (photo credit here)