Getting advice and updates through your social media is a great way to motivate yourself daily and remind yourself to stay on track. It’s also great for finding new ideas for recipes and workouts! Follow these twitter accounts for fitness, health, nutrition advice and more!

skinny mom social media

SkinnyMom is the fastest growing health community for moms. We provide information about fitness, family, food, and fashion as we redefine what skinny is.

This Twitter account is a resource for active, health-conscious people who want to maintain a diet that is beneficial and satisfying. They keep you updated on fitness with blog posts, recipes, photos and much more. They make staying active both fun and easy!

Giving you information and links about must have fitness apparel and fitness ventures, lululemon is a great account to follow! They are always creating information to help people live long, healthy, and fun lives.

Inspiring people daily through their tweets, this Health and Fitness account helps people stay healthy and eat healthy to make the most out of their life. Tweeting quotes, tips, exercises, and more, you will constantly be staying on track with LiveFitToday!

Helping you look and feel great, Women’s Health Magazine offers advice for working out and much more. Regular tweets including suggestions for workout playlists, tips on getting you off the couch, and polls to get feedback from it’s followers, WomensHealthMag won’t disappoint on your timeline!

FitBottomedGirl is a motivating and personable twitter account that gives women the inside scoop on product reviews, fitness news, and their personal lives. Giving you the daily health trends, healthy eating plans, and exercise routines, this is a must follow twitter account!

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