Did you know that just by writing down your goals and tracking all of your meals and workouts, you have a 75% better chance at reaching them!? I know for myself this is true. Writing down all my daily bites keeps me accountable, and I am more inclined to think twice before I reach for that extra snack or second serving. I am also more motivated to workout when I can look at my past workouts and see what I have already accomplished, it makes me feel STRONG on those days I may be feeling otherwise. Also, If I have a goal to fit in a certain number of workouts per week, I seem to push harder in making sure I will get them in. By having this visual, it’s easy to see where I may need to tweak my eating, or when to add more weights to my training during a plateau, to get better results.

I normally track my meals on a  loose piece of paper and workouts in a calendar, so I was VERY excited  to  be given the opportunity to try “fitbook”, a fitness and nutritional tracking journal. I LOVE being able to keep it organized in one book.

The makers of “fitbook” by fitlosophy, make tracking easy!! This book is like no other I have seen! They have ABSOLUTELY left nothing out!! For instance, at the start of the journal, you are able to personalize it to suit YOUR individual goals and needs.  They have a spot for you to write out your 12 week plan for success….. jotting down your goals, tracking before measurements, planning your future workouts, and how you might reward yourself once goals are reached. I like that you are able to do this again at the beginning of each week. I find focusing on “short term” goals make them less daunting and easier to achieve.

Each day, you fill in your strength and cardio workouts, meals eaten, mood and hours of sleep in the daily log. There is even a nutrient tracker to check off, to make sure you are getting in the right amount of grains, veggies, fats, water, etc.  At the end of the week, you can summarize the “good” and the “not so good” of your week in the weekly wrap up section, which is really great  to keep you focused and inspired, and also to see where you may need to make changes.  I also like that throughout the book there are little “fit tips” …. tibits of advice  to help motivate and  further your success.

The makers of fitbook have also created  “fitbook junior” for children and “fitbook mama 2b”.

Being a mother of four, with a passion for healthy living, I want my children to treat food  with respect and nourish their bodies with kind words & healthy food. I think “fitbook junior” is a GREAT tool for children!! Angela Manzanares, the founder + chief fitlosopher at fitbook is BRILLIANT to include children in this equation as they are so often forgotten. However, if we educate them early  about the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle, they will make better choices and will have a better chance of being healthy/fit adults.

This FUN, interactive, and goal-oriented journal helps kids monitor their physical activity and daily nutrition. My 12 year old daughter LOVED this book!! She said that knowing she was going to have to write down what she ate, helped her make smarter choices. She was able to set up  daily and weekly goals and then I could reward her for successfully reaching them, with stickers that are included in the book. If she got her stickers at the end of each week, I would reward her with something fun 🙂 This gave her great incentive to work hard.

I would have LOVED a “fitbook mama 2b” book when I was expecting my children. This 40 week journal has all the perks of the regular “fitbook” and so much more!! Not only can you log your activity and nutrition, but you are also able to record your upcoming doctors appointments, keep track of weight gain, journal  the highs and lows of pregnancy in the “mama thoughts” section, and set goals for each trimester to keep you focused over your pregnancy. It would have been SO neat to have this to look back on.

If you are looking to track your workouts and food intake, then “fitbook” is for you!! I highly recommend this book!! For more information on fitbook or their other fitness/nutrition journals, click here. To purchase your own fitbook, click here

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