It’s no joke that as we age our metabolism changes as does the shape of our figures. The things we did in our teens and twenties no longer serve us on our fitness and health journeys. But what really has to change as we age?

The Roaring 30’s

Unless you’re some kind of professional or super-elite athlete, your 30’s aren’t even close to old age. You probably still have quite a bit of energy even though career and children may be taking up a lot of your time. At this point, your exercise routines can stay constant as long as you remember that portions might need to be tapered at the table.  The days of eating the entire pint of ice cream or the whole pizza are coming to a close in this decade. Those calories won’t be burned off while you sleep anymore! If the entire pint is calling your name, then ramp up the workout schedule to account for it. Your 30’s are also time to ad resistance or weight training as our bone density starts to slip. As long as you don’t have any other physical issues, once you’re in your 30’s, you can continue with your fitness regimen from your 20’s, just try to include lower-impact activities that save your joints while still building muscle and bone. Your 30’s mark the turning point and it’s time to be aware.

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The Philosophical 40’s

Now it’s time to pay attention. This decade requires that we fall in love with veggies, if we haven’t already because we noted, on average, about 120 calories less per day now. Lots of women have seen a weight gain of around 17 pounds if they’ve continued to eat like a college student, and it’s true – a game of football or soccer may leave the mom in her 40’s a little sore! If you haven’t been a fitness enthusiast yet, now is the time to consider it, because exercise can be the fountain of youth for a lot of women. Walking swimming, dancing, hiking and biking are all great cardio activities to include into our 40’s. Be sure you’re incorporating flexibility training into your workouts, because things like yoga are vital in our 40’s to remain limber and strong.

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With most women today living into their 80’s, it’s important to stay fit, active and healthy throughout our 40’s and beyond. Slowing down isn’t an option anymore, ladies! There is so much life to live and with the right nutrition and exercise, the time is yours to cherish and use to its fullest.