Fitness and health outlets are notorious for sending thousands of mixed messages throughout the year. We thought we would take a look back at the buzzwords from the gym in 2012 versus what’s popular today. Surprisingly, they seem to be fairly consistent.

Here’s a quick look at what was trending in the fit world last year:

  1. Naked Fitness: Matthew Mcconaughey’s shirtless workouts were only the beginning. People ditched their shoes EVERY WHERE. Since, they have made shoes to simulate the barefoot feel…without actually being bare.
  2. Paddle Boarding: Seriously, what celeb didn’t you see standing on a surf board on the cover of People Magazine or Us Weekly? For those without oceans, there’s hope. Kayaking and canoeing can burn just as many calories! Find a body of water and set a date for outdoor exploration.
  3. Spinning: Cycling fitness classes saw a HUGE boost in numbers and recognition. It was number 15 on the American College of Sports Medicine’s Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trend Survey two years ago. However, it was soon to be topped with Soul Cycle – one of the more advanced fusion classes we have since seen take off.
  4. Equipment Based Workouts: 2012 saw the surge of DVD programs: the 90 day workout and meal planner. However, many of these intense programs ask you to buy special weights and equipment like pull up bars. 2013 is back to the basics.
  5. The 5-4-3-2-1 Method: Jillian Michael’s had hit the DVDs hard with this style of training. It broke up your training into cardio, strength and abs. Nowadays, people are using stacked exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups rather than separating strength from cardio. Even Jillian has since altered her workout format to intervals!

Wellness coaches and certified, experienced fitness experts are still thriving in 2013 amidst all the health care reform. In fact, as Shape reported last year, many doctors have been looking more towards the fitness pros and vice versa. The individual co-pays and deductibles will naturally lead people to take better care of themselves, especially as insurance-subsidized fitness programs pave the way.

2013 actually carried many of the same trends that 2012 initially set. Here are the Top 5:

  1. Body Weight Training: Forget the unnecessarily complicated equipment. The push up is back and it has TONS of new versions to take it from strength to cardio and everything in between.
  2. Fusion Fitness: From PiYo to Piloxing, trainers continue to study other genres of fitness and experiment with ways to combine the best moves from each.
  3. Core Training: While yoga and pilates are still all the rage, we now have a more in-depth look at your back and midsection. This goes into the physiology and muscular make up. Training these muscles go beyond “looking good.” Correcting your posture improves oxygen circulation, improves overall stability of the trunk and transfers that to the extremities, enabling you to not only meet the physical needs of your workout but also your daily tasks.
  4. Social Training: With apps like Map My Run, people can post and share their workouts. This takes self-monitoring and accountability to whole new levels. LivingSocial and Groupon have caught onto the social network and offer great deals making it easier to find workout buddies.
  5. Functional Fitness: According to Gaiam and biomechanics expert Katy Santiago, M.S., director of the Restorative Exerciseâ„¢ Institute in Ventura, Calif., functional fitness bridges the gap between personal training and physical therapy. It’s meant to restore yourself.

What is your favorite new fitness trend? I’m all about the body weight training and functional fitness!