At some point you’ve been up late and have found your glazed-over eyes peering into all the magnificent wonder that infomercials have to offer. Are they not truly magnificent?! By the end of the 30 minute segment, you are convinced that using Billy Bob’s Blasting Thighmax 3000 is going to give you the booty you have always dreamed of. But before you call that number, let’s take a look at some flops that fitness fads have to offer…

The Shake Weight: Really? We’ve seen people using these while out walking. In the future, curling or pressing as you walk would do the job and you do not have to suffer the glances and snickering you get from those walking by.

shake weight

Photo Credit: Fitba Thatba

The Atkins Diet: Yes, this is a fad that comes and goes, and yes, we have tried before. Not many people are laughing about it, but completely cutting carbs out of your diet can be pretty risky if you exercise regularly. Instead of cutting carbs out, just try cutting them back or rotating your carbs.

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Thigh Master: Do you recall videos of ladies using the thigh master at work? You’ve got to give it to Susanne Somers, she has always kept her physical health, but its humorous to think about people sitting at work using the Thigh Master under their desk.

thigh master

Photo Credit: Sears

Hanging Sit ups: So this seems great and all but what happens when you are home alone? Often times after regular sit ups, you can barely move. Imagine that happening while you’re hanging upside down from a bar.

Sweatin‘ to the Oldies: Oh, sweet Richard!  There are some great oldies tunes on these DVDs if you can deal with the hyper personality and awful outfits for the hour long workout. If this seems like something you’re interested in, you can buy it here.

sweatin to the oldies

Photo Credit: Amazon

Oh my who could forget the Hawaii Chair: Another one of those “use in the office” activities. Just the mental picture is too much to handle. If you don’t remember, this great chair is meant to improve balance, align your spine and improve blood circulation.

hawaii chair

Photo Credit: Amazon

The Gazelle: The guy that created this has so much charisma, that you almost forget how ridiculous he looks on this machine.


Photo Credit: Soda Head

Disclaimer:  The above blog post is our attempt to be funny. Should you find yourself using one of these fads at home, keep it up.  Any exercise that finds you active is better than no exercise at all.