mom and baby workout

I’m a mom of 3 little girls; I’m also a military wife, so our families are far away and it’s hard for me to get someone to watch the little ones on a daily basis. The gyms around here have great childcare for my two older daughters, but for my 3 month old, they are not so good and I’m not very comfortable leaving her there yet. So, here is where working out at home comes into the picture.

If I didn’t have the option to workout at home, I’m pretty sure I would not get it in during my busy days at all. By the time my husband comes home, it’s time for some quality family time, and it’s not realistic for me to go to the gym then. I’m a fitness instructor and I even have a difficult time getting there! I love the gym, I love the people and especially the energy in group classes, however, at this particular time in my life the gym is not my top priority; but being healthy is, and there are tons of awesome options for mommies who choose to work out at home!

home workouts

Home workouts are simple; you don’t need a big space or tons of equipments. You can either include your little ones into the routine or work out before they wake up or when they are down for a nap. You can even set an awesome example and bring them in the stroller while going for a run, have them burn off some energy next to you while doing a DVD or why not use them as some extra weight when doing squats, lunges or ab-twists? My daughters love working out with me, plus it’s fun for me as well!

It’s also cost efficient. You can invest in just a few items and have the perfect home gym. Some other great things are at home dvd’s and magazines, but maybe the biggest one these days is YouTube. They have so many great and free workout videos on there, that the opportunities are endless!


So if you are like me, a busy mom with not much time on your hands, working out at home might be your perfect match. Sometimes we are making fitness more complicated than it has to be. Adapt your fitness routine to your everyday life, change the routine up as your life changes, and most of all keep it fun and interesting!