Since we are all “in it to win it” with our healthy eating routines, let’s not bombard our kids with the traditional sugar-overloaded Easter basket this weekend! Make this Easter basket one to remember with tasty, healthier treats and some small, personalized gifts to show the thought put into their baskets and to fill the void of bags upon bags of sugary candy.

Healthier Treat Ideas:

Most Easter aisles in our local grocery stores are filled with highly processed, chemical ridden candies that are toxic for everyone – no matter our age. If you have the time to make your own homemade Easter treats, that is fantastic. I’ve included a couple ideas and recipes below. However, if you can’t find the time (we understand!), check out Natural Candy Store. The Natural Candy Store claims to have “All the Fun without the Funny Stuff” for your Easter baskets.

  1. Healthy Trail Mix Kit. Fill some plastic bags or cute Easter themed containers with healthy & tasty trail mix. Try our Skinny Trail Mix recipe & modify ingredients to your kid’s liking.
  2. Healthy Peeps. Peeps are a favorite come Easter time, but let’s face it, those little critters are packed with chemicals and unhealthy sugars! Try this Martha Stewart recipe, your child won’t know the difference between the store-bought and your homemade version. Martha Stewart Peeps Recipe
  3. Dark chocolate. I challenge you to leave the foot long milk chocolate Easter bunny at the store, and opt for some smaller, dark chocolate options. There are plenty Easter-themed dark chocolate candies out there. Give your kids a few small pieces, and they will good to go!
  4. Most of our favorite Easter candies are also made organically. The most common organic Easter treats are organic gummies, organic jelly beans, and organic chocolate covered goodies. These candies are yummy and more nutritious, and your kids won’t be able to tell a difference.

Small, Personalized Gift Ideas:

Put some thought into your child’s Easter basket this year and include little gifts that coordinate with their latest hobby or things you know they’d love to try.

  1. Plastic gardening tools for your little gardner. Gardening together will be such a fun activity for your and your kids this spring. Gives you time to get your planting and maintenance done, while making them feel like such a big helper!
  2. Plastic cookware for your little chef. All kids like playing with the kitchen supplies, so give them a chance to play with their own cookware! Allow them to make some “pudding” or “soup” with their new tools as you make a meal for your family.
  3. Baking supplies. Many stores now carry kid-themed baking kits for your children, which can be a great addition to their Easter baskets.
  4. Mini cleaning supplies. There’s nothing better than a kid who loves to clean, right?! 😉 Fill part of their Easter basket with a pack of mini tissues, a sponge, and a small spray can filled with water so they can enjoy helping you clean!
  5. Sidewalk chalk. Challenge your kiddos to an Easter Bunny drawing extravaganza!
  6. Scavenger Hunt. Make a fun, creative Easter-themed scavenger hunt to find the egg filled with a special prize!
  7. Stickers, coloring supplies, or other craft supplies. Spend some time after your Easter egg hunt to draw a “thank you” picture to the Easter Bunny for all the great treats and prizes!
  8. Picture books. Use picture books to help your kids understand the meaning behind Easter. Then, help your child create their own picture book, telling their version of what Easter means to them. Trust me, you’ll end up with some very cute and surprising results!
  9. For older kids, add a few $1 lottery tickets. I’ve always had great feedback from putting lotto tickets in a birthday card. They love the anticipation and are thrilled to win a dollar or two!

Feel free to comment below with your own fun & healthy Easter basket ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Have a Happy Easter!