Fresh flowers are beautiful, green grass is refreshing, seasonal allergies are…a mood killer. The itchy eyes, the sneezing and other allergy symptoms will keep you indoors. Even on the brightest days, you feel gloomy.

That’s exactly why Allegra has partnered with W-NBA All Star, Lisa Leslie for the “Allegra Outdoor Challenge.” This challenge is full of fun and affordable workout tips for the whole family. With a little creativity–and some powerful Allegra–it’s so easy to get up and get active with mom, dad, the kiddos, and even the dog! Allegra’s fast acting relief is…a relief! But I also love that it’s non-drowsy. I can take it and get a day’s worth of clear eyes and running around, rather than being knocked out for hours. Lisa Leslie knows the importance of staying active, especially as a mom.

“As an athlete and a mom, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting outside to shoot hoops or run around with my kids, but when our allergy symptoms act up it can keep my whole family indoors,” says Leslie. “I am thrilled to team up with Allegra and show families that with the help of Allegra their seasonal allergies don’t have to stop them from enjoying the outdoors and having fun.”


Here are some of Lisa’s tips for getting active outdoors:

  • Yard Yoga: Grab beach towels and host yard yoga to encourage stretching, balance and focus. Using a basketball for support, you can try modified push-ups, leaning on the ball for balance.
  • Jungle Gym: Playgrounds aren’t just for kids; all you need is a swing set or park bench to inspire some creative workout moves.  Hold on to a sturdy edge of a park bench and do leg-lifts or see who can hang from the monkey bars the longest.
  • Scavenger Hike: Turn a family hike into a scavenger hunt. Come up with a fun list of challenges like climbing over a log, finding a pinecone, skipping down an entire trail or racing to the birch tree and back.
  • Driveway Drills: Using chalk and cardboard boxes you can create your own basketball court on the driveway.  Have the kids draw free throw lines and see who can bounce or throw the ball into the cardboard box “hoop.”
  • Time for Fun: Use your kitchen timer or a stopwatch to time kids in sprints and have races.

Here at Skinny Mom, we took a lunch and had some great fun with the chalk. Here are a few of our ideas for the chalk, rope and basketball:

  • Stop Motion Scenes: Take the chalk and create scenes, for instance, an ocean. Have your kids lay down on their sides and slowly do swimming motions. Snap a pic to get all the motions and then loop them together to make another dimension of fun!
  • Exercise Your Brain: Check out these 5 ways to get your kids moving while also keeping their minds sharp.