Picture taken from “foreverlookinggood.com”

I am not a fan of fish.  I can handle Tuna Salad, and anything battered and deap fried, but I am just not a fish connoisseur.  I do, however, take Omega 3,6,9 capsules every single day.

I first discovered “fish oils” in college.  I was suffering from hormonal breakouts during my monthly “visit” and was looking for a more holistic way of treating the annoyances.  I Googled (again didn’t go to the Dr.) solutions and found that Omega 3s could possibly help with acne.

I dove right in.  What I found was that when I consistently took the fish oils my skin was smooth, clearer, and had a wonderful glow.  But there’s more to the fishy business than meets the eye!

  • Fish Oils may help ease pain associated with arthritis.  They have shown to help enhance the benefits of anti-inflammatory  medications.
  • They help lower levels of Triglycerides (fat) in blood.  This can be highly effective in helping to prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Help to fight depression and lowers your risk of developing Alzheimer’s later in life.
  • They can also help in giving you a smoother complexion, along side of stronger hair and nails.

With all the benefits, and minimal side effects, fish oil supplements were the right choice for me!  If you decide to dive in and give it a try check out this website here to help you pick the right supplement for you!