I will be the first to admit two things about myself – first, I am a huge fan of Halloween and second, I am not a naturally athletic person. So, knowing this about myself, when a friend invited my family and I to a Halloween 5k to help our local Children’s Hospital, how could I say no? I was a little worried about the fact that I am not a runner, but I figured this would be my jumping off point… here was the perfect way to renew myself. So, after searching everywhere for the right cardboard boxes for our fabulous Lego costumes and preparing for the 5k by walking with my family during the weeks leading up to the race… we finally made it to the Ghost and Goblin 5k night! I was terrified and excited all at the same time.

How could I have known how rewarding and how much fun this would turn out to be? We met up with the rest of our Lego crew and took tons of pictures, won medals for our costumes, and then it was time to start the race. While most of the other Legos were avid runners, my family is just starting out… so when they took off at a jog, it was hard not to feel a little self-conscious. But, off we went and with every step, blister, pause to adjust mine or my girls costumes, random jog, and mile I began to feel more and more empowered. I was doing it and so maybe I wasn’t jogging or running, but I certainly wasn’t sitting on the couch bemoaning the fact I am out of shape. I was taking the first steps to a healthier and new me, how awesome is that?

When we crossed the finish line we obviously were much closer to last than to first, but I figured out that I am in competition with myself and no one else. My wonderful daughters had the biggest smiles because they walked the last mile with us. My husband was in pain, he has back troubles, but was smiling and while I was all hot and sweaty and looking less than my best, I was feeling amazing! I have so many new goals for myself involving jogging and simply getting into better physical, mental, and emotional health. All I can say is, find a fun way to get healthy and you will want to do it, I am living proof! I hope that everyone reading this blog will join me in this journey to becoming better versions of ourselves!