It dawned on me today that we are halfway through the year!  That means that there’s only 6 months left to complete all of the dreams and goals I set for myself on New Years Eve.  Yikes!!!  I don’t know about you, but last year was probably one of the most challenging years of my life.  I was only a few months into being a mom of two, started a new job and had to move unexpectedly.  I’m a creature of habit so I usually steer clear of new things and change, so you can imagine how well this went over with me!

Circumstances and a bad attitude were overtaking me and it wasn’t until New Years Eve that I decided I needed to get back in the drivers seat and navigate this journey myself.  I decided to go beyond the usual “I wanna lose 20 pounds” goals I have set in the past and challenge myself further.  I’ve always wanted to be a personal trainer so I told myself if I can get the weight off and stick with it, then in the fall when the certification class is offered at my local college, I will reward myself by taking it and realizing this dream once and for all.  If I quit on myself, I will never attempt this dream again.  Pretty stern stuff to tell yourself, but I have found that if there’s something you really want, even in the darkest hours, the lowest lows, and most discouraging moments, the power of that one thing will always push you to keep going.  So here I am, a few months left in the year and working hard everyday, trying to accomplish one of the biggest goals I’ve ever had for myself.

For me it’s the training certification.  What is it for you?

What is it that you said you wanted when 2012 was ahead of you?   How close are you to having it?  We are 6 months in and 6 months out from making our dreams and goals happen. That means if you haven’t started, the time is now! If you have started, then you’re halfway there! And if you’ve started and stopped and aren’t sure about starting again, take this time to remind and rededicate yourself to the things you wanted to accomplish this year.  Everyday that passes brings you closer or further from what you set out to accomplish 6 months ago. What will these last six months hold for you?  What will you do with the time that’s left on the clock?

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, I promise you it’s worth it.  It’s worth all the work you’re putting in.  It’s worth the sacrifices you’re making.  It’s worth overcoming whatever has been holding you back up to now.  And if you need extra support,  motivation, or just someone to share your journey with, I’d love to hear about it!  We’ve got 6 months left before 2012 becomes last year.  Let’s make it count!!!!!!