Last year at The WBFF World Championships….I designed my own unique US/Canadian Swimsuit! As I look back over my 20 something years of competing in fitness shows, I realize there have always been several motivating factors that may or may not differ from show to show.  One thing that does stay constant is the fact that first and foremost, I do it for ME.  It takes a lot of time, energy, sacrifice, loss of  social life, and quite frankly more mental power than physical endurance or strength.  Will power and commitment are an understatement, just ask anyone that has ever competed. 
If you decide to compete, my advice would be to seriously find your “why”.  Of course, there are always several reasons anyone decides to set the goal of competing. The most important thing is to identify why YOU want to compete in a fitness show, no matter which category you decide best fits your body or needs, you should determine a specific reason.  It may be more than one or two reasons, that’s perfectly normal, but only you can determine your “why” and let it motivate and push you to the best body you can achieve! Then, form an action plan and get it done!